Burman, Chila Kumari

Burman, Chila Kumari
   b. 1957, Liverpool
   Multimedia artist
   Chila Kumari Burman works with, amongst other materials, collage, paint and video. Her images question racial and female stereotypes. In the 1980s she took prints from her own body, emphasizing the breasts or genital area by adding paint or glitter, to produce images of the female form which confront the viewer. In 1985 she took part in The Thin Black Line exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, creating an installation comprising of body prints overlaid with slogans which urged women to ‘Reclaim Our Bodies’. In her ‘auto-portraits’ she adopts a number of Western and Asian identities, which examine the roles of women in both cultures, and she regularly includes autobiographical elements in her work.

Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture . . 2014.

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